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The Aeroplane

A 2007 Super Decathlon, the classic American aerobatic trainer! This will help you get quickly into aerobatics!

Aerobatic Training

The training programmes are centred around aerobatics, from recreational to competitions or simply skill development built for pilots of all skill levels.


Participate in regular training camps or competitions or just social events.

Aerobatics Down Under

The book by David Pilkington.
Check out the paperback or kindle version at Amazon.

Fun, confidence building and skill enhancing

Learn recreational aerobatics or get involved in contests; unusual attitude and upset recovery training.

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Ozaeros Features and Benefits!

  • Experienced spin and aerobatic flight instructor.
  • Experienced tailwheel flight instructor.
  • Experienced aerobatic competition and display pilot.
  • Experienced formation aerobatic display pilot.
  • Regular events - training camps and contests.
  • Online manuals and training material.
  • The book: Aerobatics in the Super Decathlon.

Our Team

Although David operates as an independent instructor there are several other excellent flight instructors who are available to teach on David's Super Decathlon.

David is always happy to talk about aerobatics and aerobatic aeroplanes. Give David a call on 0447 800 542

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Oh yeah! Don't forget about our services!

including some great FUN Activities!!!

Custom Services: While most courses are designed and intended to satisfy CASA requirements for grant of an endorsement, activities may be tailored for individuals!

Basic Aerobatics (FUN!)
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The upright spin and aerobatics above 3,000 ft endorsements. The basics to get you started, whether you prefer just recreational flying or you want to go further.

Tailwheel (FUN!)
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Learn to fly a tailwheel aeroplane - most of the fun aeroplanes have tailwheel. Many pilots do tailwheel, spin and aerobatic endorsements concurrently.

 Low Level Aerobatics (FUN!)

Get into competition aerobatics and have more fun.David generally arranges to have the Super Decathlon available to approved pilots at certain contests around the country.

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For spin and aerobatics training endorsements: instructor training (through an approved school); testing for intial grant of training endorsement; general competency/refresher training especially for those requiring demonstration of competency per the CASA condition on flight activity training endorsements.

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No Longer offered as the CASA requirement to demonstrate competency to an examiner renders it not viable.

Formation Aerobatics
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David has much experience as a formation aerobatic display pilot and, prior to Part 61, coaching in formation aerobatics however CASA has removed these privileges with the Part 61 licence.